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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review: The Siege of Paris

by Tom Riddle
Assassins creed The Siege of Paris

The second Assassin’s Creed Valhalla expansion, Laptop Arena sharing complete info on it for the sake of our readers. See how the story of the North’s invasion of Paris ends in this review of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris.


StoryThis was another short, easy day in Eivor’s life, as the developers had promised. As in previous DLCs, he won’t be sharing stories related to the main storyline like the previous installments, making this DLC story a direct connection to Eivor, but not the main storyline of the universe. or it may be related to such a small extent that it does not have any effect.

The story takes place when Eivor is approached by Vikings from the Frank Kingdom. Let’s go help as a hand and a foot. with little information that These Vikings settled near Paris, but with the Franks closing the doors to their homes, He also killed the Viking group’s beloved brother, Siegfried Jarl. But as the story progresses, Eivor learns that there is more to it than that. And this incident was not a single set of conflicts. There are still underwater waves waiting to erupt, and this Eivor is the variable that will make the whole event happen to the end.

story 2

Still the same concept of Assassin’s Creed is these stories. It must be related to history in one way or another. This episode brings to life the great Siege of Paris during the AD 885-886 era in its own way. But there may be a slight twist to the story. Especially if anyone already knows this history. It may be contrary to the level of anticipation that some events have been arranged in the wrong year. But overall, it’s still an interesting story.

The Siege of Paris’s narrative cadence is truly a whole new flavor for Valhalla, and for the first time the game has chosen to break the traditional way of telling the story in the main story. and the first expansion makes us feel some freshness Although the game itself tells about the Viking invasion, it is true. But this time, the game comes back to ask many questions without influencing or guiding players like the main content. let us understand And choose to decide for yourself according to what you think. or you feel at that moment

Although the overall appearance in the content of The Siege of Paris is good. But the rhythm of storytelling still can’t find a balance. To say that the main content and the first expansion There’s a lingering slack in it. The content of The Siege of Paris is probably over-speeding. Because you can’t feel where you are in the story. and perhaps a summary of the events It may pass in front of you without you even knowing anything.



If the map is wide open but nothing disappoints you, The Siege of Paris should be a clear message that. “I know. What did I do wrong?” The expansion’s maps are just the right size, allowing Ubisoft to fill in the details without leaving any space in vain. You will see a whole lot of greenery. burnt war area ruined town Or even without the grapes that put the filter, so bright colors. It’s there for you to walk around.

The highlight of the map is the city design. In this installment, Paris is the heart of the game. Therefore, the simulation of the city came out to be realistic. What is most important? In this section we can say that Even though it’s not up to par with the main game covering its head, overall it’s the best thing possible in this installment. The city has distinct zones for each zone. The villagers are unique. Like if you walk into a slum You’ll see homeless people lying around. If you go into the church You will come across groups of people infected with plague, etc. These are comparable to the content. And it helps you to understand the details in that area before deciding what to do in the main content.

presentation 2

The added content is a small gimmick like the “mouse army”, although it doesn’t have much effect. But it’s a fun little gimmick, as it keeps the puzzles fresher than ever. Because it is one variable that will merge with other puzzles into several variables that can be used. But to say that The mystery in the expansion may be anything. It’s “quite easy” than all you’ve ever been through. I don’t know if it’s because the developer is bored or not. Suppose to play this time. There won’t be any puzzles you’ll find that will make your head spin for 15-30 minutes.

Game play

As we’ve said in all our reviews of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the game’s focus is on the front. Assassination was the only option. And pushing it is an alternative that is slower, harder, and doesn’t have any additional benefits. Make assassination in this sector It’s almost useless to play.

But in The Siege of Paris, assassination is the “key” of the game, as the content and missions will try to force you to play as an assassin. especially the introduction of the Unity system to be modified into In other words, you’ll need to create different scenarios to get your target at the best time to kill. In the game there are about 5 missions like this for you to play. Each mission has a different way of dragging the target to kill.

But if you can wade through the same face? We say we can. and has no effect There won’t be any game over when the enemy faces you, but the game takes revenge on us by making things so hard that we don’t want to go alone. Start by adding more and more high-level enemies on each map. Usually, we may encounter enemies with not many specialized names. But in this add-on You can find at least 3 of them in the mission, and they will have quite high stats. Let’s say that until you finish the main content. End of Asgard’s story including the end of all secondary content The stats might still be incomparable with these people.

Not including the targets we have to kill. Even though these targets seem innocuous, if you choose to face him honestly. He’ll instantly become a powerful boss. Honestly, the battles aren’t that hard if you play perfectly. It will only take a long time to defeat. Because the enemy’s stats are much higher than ours. So the best option to play The Siege of Paris safe is to play as Assassin as closely as the previous installments.

game play 2

The good things have already been said, but if we don’t talk about the bad things, we probably won’t. Because in The Siege of Paris there is something called the Rebel Mission, or a mission where we must work with the rebels to create chaos. This is like a new play mode that tries to suck the time Trade Post in the previous expansion.

As a result, it failed. and very boring Because Rebel’s mission is a repetitive mission without a story. Imagine a repetitive mission of a typical online game: get it where you want it. Beat all monsters Come back, send quests, get rewards, and do this over and over again. The Rebel Mission looks exactly the same. And this is the biggest flaw of this DLC, because it has nothing to do with the main content, no impact, no sequel. Everything is over, it’s over, and the reward is …. uh, quite useless. Therefore, whether it has it or not nothing has changed He may think that he is afraid that we have nothing to play, afraid that it’s not worth it, so he put it in. This is the worst choice I’ve ever seen. Since playing Ubisoft games.



Although The Siege of Paris is the smallest map size expansion, But that doesn’t mean it will have better performance. because the main game is like The performance of the expansion has to come out like that, so nothing will change in The Siege of Paris. We confirm that if you can play the main sector at any level. In this add-on You will be able to play at that level.

But what a shock And to my surprise, we rarely encountered any bugs with this DLC, to be honest, it only happened once. And it’s a very small visual bug that almost doesn’t affect gameplay. The bug was to find Intel in Rebel Missions. Normally, when you hold V to open Odin Vision, the mission objective would have a green aura around it. even though there was no way to go underground And as the search continues, the mission’s Intel is actually on the chimney of the house. This is the first bug encountered. And the only time of playing The Siege of Paris


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris is an expansion that has done well beyond the core content. Because the story is interesting and interesting to follow, makes us want to find answers to what is happening all the time. Combined with the small fixes of Ubisoft that can be noticed that start to pay attention and began to answer himself that the people playing this game what they want But overall, there are some minor glitches, especially the very unforgivable Rebel Mission, and the author thinks. If nothing goes wrong, Ubisoft can use the ideas from this expansion as a whole new way of Assassin’s Creed. just may have to control the balance Let it be a little more mellow, it should be usable.

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